Reference articles here here and here. A few days ago, Radar Online printed a story about the Chosen Family"s suspect Namibian donation. I referenced the article on Wednesday with information from sources of my own, sources who were skeptical about the piece and who advised caution before accusing the Pitts of reneging on their philanthropic obligations - serious allegations, non? At the urging of a few readers, I contacted Ivanna Iafigliola-Kriner, co-founder of the DRC School Project & Community Centre, the very school that the Pitts are alleged to have stiffed in the Radar article. I asked Ms Kriner the following: I have heard from many of my readers indicating that you have refuted the Radar Online claims and I am writing to find out from you directly if the US$15,000 was received by the DRC. Ms Kriner: Yes we did receive the donation and are very grateful to Angelina and Brad for their support. Point of the story? The Pitts aren"t cheap. They didn"t bail on Namibia. But in a country where the need is so great and only so much can be pledged, it"s entirely understandable for other organisations to try to reach out as much as they can. For more information on the DRC click here. For more information on Ivanna Iafigliola-Kriner click here and my thanks to Carol for the tip.