Brad and Zahara out for ice cream, Angie waiting in the car, and somehow caught on camera by not one but at least 2 pappy agencies…amazing, init? Two weeks after Janice Min’s scathing report in Us Weekly about Angelina’s “twisted double life”, amid increasing speculation that their relationship is on the decline, that Brad is unhappy, that Angie is a terrible mother, the Pitts seem to have carefully orchestrated a random outing to illustrate that things are fine. No but seriously… do you love Z’s chubby little hands holding on to Daddy?

As for what’s really going on behind the PR curtain – I’m told it’s miles from what the tabloids are suggesting. But stability between Hollywood’s two sexiest stars doesn’t magazines. Drama sells magazines. For now, at the very least, given the new photo opp, they want you to believe it’s all good. Worry not Brangelunatics. The Family is in tact.