On Friday afternoon, People Magazine confirmed what you already knew for days and what you should have already known for months. That Brad and Angelina arrived in Namibia, have practically booked off an entire resort, and are planning on delivering the baby there. For now. Quick update on that in a minute…as soon as I finish - um - gloating. You"ll forgive, won"t you? Because I"m actually still lobbying for that job at Us Weekly, and since that particular aspiration has gone nowhere fast, I figure I should try to appeal to them by any means necessary. The date was January 26, 2006. Courtesy of a couple of a rock solid and loyal sources who fed me one last spoonful right before the Pitts sealed off all leaks, I was the first to report that Brad and Angelina had chosen to welcome their child in Africa and would head there for the last 2 months of her pregnancy. Follow the links and see for yourself. At the time, everyone and their brazilian bikini artist cried bullsh*t. Three weeks after that, Star Magazine ran with it. The other rags followed suit shortly thereafter. And now they"re in Namibia. …. …. Right then. So now that we"ve cleared that up, let"s get on with your favourite couple. Although most doors to reliable information were slammed shut in Europe, the Pitts are having a harder time clamping down in Africa, especially since they"ve almost tripled their entourage. A personal physician is tending to Angie, several security teams have been assigned to the family, and while they hope to be able to stick to the original plan and stay at the resort until #3 arrives, there is an alternate location that has been booked in case the media frenzy gets out of hand. Perhaps back to France. The problem is the doctor is vehemently opposed to any more travel even though Brad initially wanted to bolt if the pappies descended. Which brings up the only source of conflict between the happy couple. Forget what you"re hearing about him walking out on her or vice versa. Not true. As far as I know, they are happy, committed, in love - all good things. There is however a minor sore spot. One that may not be important today but could be important next year, or at least over the long term course of their relationship. Word is, Angie is extremely uncomfortable with the extravagance. The drivers, the barricades, the almost "royalty-like" existence - it is a huge contrast to the relative level of freedom she had when it was just her and Maddox. When they first chose the African birthplace, she originally believed it would be much more lowkey. But after the attention they received in Europe, Brad arranged to dramatically increase their protection and though she understands the importance of keeping everyone safe and surrounded, she has apparently expressed concern about the longterm effects of this kind of lifestyle on her kids. Rumours is, she alluded to it during a brief conversation with a civilian the other day who happened to be granted access for service reasons at the resort. The discussion allegedly began when the staff person talked about a popular local park or play spot that her own children were fond of. After asking a few questions about the location etc and laughing about being too big to play with her son, Angie supposedly sighed and said something to the effect of "I"ll mention it too my husband but he"s being so cautious lately. It will be better once the baby comes but right now, Madd is getting bored!" Needless to say, I heard the two magic words "My Husband" and tried frantically to get confirmation with no luck. While there are certainly suspicions, no one stateside can say for sure and no one else can get their hands on any evidence. I suppose however that at this point, it"s very possible that if her children call him daddy anyway, referring to him as her husband, even without the paperwork, isn"t exactly a stretch, is it? Stay tuned. I"ll keep you posted.