Speaking of mothers and babies, here are Brad, Angelina, and their children at LAX this morning and then arriving in London in the afternoon - from Pop Sugar. As you can see, Angie"s bump is growing to the point of tattoo expansion, and Papa Pitt is walking with the swagger of a man whose sperm has not only been vindicated but also safely ensconced in the womb of a woman universally regarded as the sexiest in the world. While the expression on her face might not indicate as much, I"m told that they are exceedingly happy, excited, content, and also professionally on top of the world. It would seem that the backlash has reversed itself enough to the point where they no longer have to engage in petty tit for tat warfare in an attempt to win back the public. What does that mean? It means that they are pondering a short term retreat from the buzz, to make sure the baby arrives without complication, laying low until they are ready to re-introduce themselves as a family of five. Whether or not the pappies will comply is a different story. As for the sex of the child…for what it"s worth…a new source of mine is also in agreement with recent tabloid rumours that they are indeed having a boy. I"m still checking this out so again, take it for what it"s worth.