After a week in Paris shooting scenes for The Tourist, Angelina Jolie and family are back in Venice as Johnny Depp has wrapped (for now) most of his Alice in Wonderland promotion and has reported to set to begin filming together. Normally the Brange is able to travel relatively cloak and dagger-ish, with underground parking, back doors, and secret exits. Venice however doesn’t allow for that kind of logistical flexibility. In Venice they need the boat. And since they have so many children, it’s not like they can duck quickly onto the boat. So every day they get papped on the boat.

Here they are, having survived the latest round of split speculation, over the weekend with their children minus twins. Note Miss Zahara’s coat and skinny jeans, the sartorial opposite of her sister The Chosen One who’s workin’ it in a bomber jacket and fresh green kicks. Adorable, right? Thanks by the way for your messages last week in response to this article about Shiloh’s short hair cut and the ensuing f-ckedupness – that the Brange is determined to turn their kid into a girl/boy freak. Sounds like we all had super short hair when we were kids. It’s simply less fuss, non?

Unfortunately, our common sense doesn’t shut down the ignorant. Below – an email I received this weekend from “Julie” who fears for Shiloh’s safety:


Obviously you can’t see what’s going on because you are too busy worshiping Brangelina but they are abusing the white child in favor of the adopted ones, classic neglect. Angelina hates Shiloh and she feels guilty that she gave birth when she could have bought more of the multi race ones. She is doing this on purpose to make the African American one feel better about herself. But Lainey what is the cost? Shiloh has no identity now. Her parents won’t allow her to have one because they are forcing her to be a lesbian to represent the minority groups. It’s important that she has a voice. There are a lot of people in the US who are tired of the whites getting shafted. Oh and save your breath if you call me a racist. I’m just calling it like it is. I respect different cultures so why can’t they respect us?

Hate. People.

Photos from and and Laurent Despois/