More photos available as many agencies are now flooding the market with their Brange Family photos from Tokyo. Can you imagine the Hello Kitty crazy?

Anyway, see how the Chosen One has grown! Angelina, fresh off a long flight, looks camera ready, non? Love how Knox is wearing his daddy’s cap. Heh.

Damn. That’s a lot of kids.

Like most of you gooey and gushy about these images. Me? I have a headache. Can you imagine them all talking at once? And needing at once? They need. They need and want all the time. That’s all they ever do… is need and want. For those who are selfish and petty and shallow (me), this is a nightmare.

And thank you for all your emails about fraternal and identical twins! You see why the baby strategy is such a slamdunk in Hollywood? Everyone cares about babies! Except gossip sinning baby haters!

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