It’s 3 days to Christmas, when all through the land,
Brangelunatics were stirring…

They need a motherf-cking fix!

Gentle, said the Shiloh. For I am here.

And there she was. To ensure that the crazies could enjoy the holiday.

It’s NY nostalgia for me and Jacek, felt even stronger now that the Brange is in New York. They were spotted, with 4 of their children, no twins, having lunch today. Almost pedestrian. Aside from the fact that they were being gawked at and kept their shades on, and were getting papped through the window.

As you can see, The Chosen One is addressing her subjects while rocking a skull toque with matching earmuffs. That’s pretty cute. Not to be outdone, her sister Miss Zahara is showing off a white version, and (kiddie photo assumption!) some signature Z impatience with open-mouth boredom while her mother keeps droning on about saving babies in Africa. What about the toys?!?! Miss Zahara owns me.

Meanwhile, Pax and Brad hit up the counter to place the order.

They wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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