How are you over there, Asian gossips? Hoping you’re safe from Usagi. Thinking of you as you begin to clean up from the mess of Usagi.

Usagi was supposed to be heading straight for Hong Kong. You know who spent the weekend in Hong Kong? Brange. And Usagi ended up, for the most part, redirecting from Hong Kong and hitting eastern Guangdong instead. Coincidence or conspiracy?

As I first reported on Friday, click here for a refresher, Brad arrived on Friday to join Angelina and the twins and the local paps went bananas. On Saturday they were in Central for lunch. The press keep calling it a holiday. Is it a real holiday when only 2 of the 6 are represented? It’s not their birthdays, is it? I remember them being born in the summer. See? I’m obsessed. I’m obsessed with the picking of the kids for the trips and the outings. Obsessed.

While we’re at it for Hong Kong news, the big gossip there right now, aside from Brange, is Faye Wong’s divorce. Despite reports about her husband cheating on her, Faye went on Weibo to say that there was no infidelity and that their marriage had changed and she’s all good. Faye is single. And…Nicholas Tse isn’t married anymore either!

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