The Jolie did not wear a robe. And she did not wear all black. Surprised? Me too.

It was mostly black but there was also an aggressive yellow arrow breaking up the darkness. And she really did smolder last night. There was a way about Angelina at the BAFTAs that was missing from the SAGs and the rest – a back to bombshell challenge on her face that will, hopefully, carry through to the Oscars.

Like, enough with the saving of the children and the one with the earthness, right?

More sex, more ass, more porn.

Speaking of porn…the interview below. So gracious about Slumdog! Oh sly. Oh cheeky! Her answer about getting through awards season – love it! Angie giggled. Angie has a sense of humour. Just not with Ryan Seacrest.

Brange BAFTA red carpet

This is how we like our Jolie served – hot, dangerous, and I think she’s a biter. She’s totally a biter. Their sex video better have audio.

This concludes BAFTA carpet coverage.

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