Last night at the Megamind Paris premiere, Will Ferrell, the lead in the movie, was there too. But, obviously, he was completely overshadowed by the arrival of the Brange in full court press working it from every angle, selling two projects on one appearance, maximising their value. So MegaMind benefits, and The Tourist, which is starting its promotional run, benefits too. After all, we’re just 10 days away now from the release. Which is why Brad pulled out his leather cargo pants.

I LOVE his leather cargo pants.

Specifically, I LOVE how he wears his leather cargo pants. He has the right legs for leather cargo pants: slightly bowed, no chunky thigh action, and above all the right attitude. He’s Brad Pitt motherf-cker. Let him if he wants to wear leather cargo pants and comb his hair back all handsome, a little longer now, and thick all over – just his dude reminder to all the men out there, because they are LYING if they tell you they don’t notice, that if virility is measured in the fullness of the hairline, note how much of it Brad Pitt still has. Men play games too.

But I’m really into how much Brad Pitt cares about clothes. He really, really does.

Jacek and I went to the Miracle Skate for Kids’ Charities last week. Click here for more information. Anyway, former Vancouver Canucks Captain Trevor Linden was there too. When we first saw him he was on the ice, in his hockey warm-ups. Later on though, he changed. Into grey skinny cords and a beautiful cream coloured sweater with a shiny purple puffy coat hoodie. Major, major style points.

The whole time I was that Bitch Nag Wife in Jacek’s ear. See? Why can’t you ball up and dress like that? Look at his clothes. He’s hot. He’s cool. And you have a similar frame. This is the great tragedy about Jacek, you see. That he has the perfect build for clothes, and the WORST F-CKING SENSE OF STYLE EVER. What a waste.

The Trevor Linden episode helped a little though. We talked to him afterwards and he pointed out my Belfstaff jacket because I bought it at his wife’s store, Basquiat. This is where Trevor shops. He does his own shopping. And I think hearing that, for Jacek, made a small difference. Like, if my hockey hero shops there, and wears it so well, maybe I can consider going in there, maybe. Baby steps. I’ll take that. For now.

Re: Angelina Jolie – don’t knock the pants because I’m all over the pants. Just not in velvet. And not with those pumps. Goddamn if only she could work some shoe steeze. Like her daughter, the Chosen One. Click here to see Shiloh’s zebra shoe steeze this morning as she, Miss Zahara, and Pax went with mom to the Paris aquarium. Clearly, when it comes to wardrobe, she takes after dad.

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