For her own premieres, Angelina Jolie seems to favour black. It’s for HIS events that she gets a little creative. Well, as creative as she can get, sartorially speaking. We’re not exactly talking about Kate Moss here.

So it was a bright coloured Jolie last night in LA for the premiere of The Tree of Life which happened at the same time as the Kung Fu Panda 2 screening in New York. It was decided then that she would not travel with her cast mates and support her man instead. After all, there’s the potential of an award season situation here. And the Brange has always understood the importance of a campaign. They also know now that they are much more effective together than they are apart. When they are together, it can be a goddamn pain in the ass. Just ask Jessica Chastain, she knows.

Apparently she was doing the press line last night when the Brange arrived. Needless to say, everyone lost their sh-t and she had to step aside and wait for the crazy to calm before she could resume her interviews. I’ve seen this happen in person before. I’ve seen this go down, I’ve watched their reactions. It doesn’t faze them at all. People could be hurling themselves off of balconies and in between moving vehicles, those two behave as though they’ve seen it all before, so pedestrian, like it’s the natural order of things. And because they act like it’s a given, people keep responding to it like it’s a given. This is what I mean when I say they know exactly how to play it and work it to their advantage. You know in sport when coaches study tape, look at how a formation develops, analyse what was effective and not the last time around, what to tweak, what to move or modify? The Brange is so good at what they do, it’s like they take the same clinical approach to their brand. One day, in 50 years, when their time will have passed, I hope we get a book about it. They could teach the others so much.

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