Six children, mom and dad, let’s be conservative and say 3 nannies, that’s already 11. Add security on top of that - call it a team of 6, one for each child, that’s 17 so far. And then there are the personal assistants. A modest count? One each. Now we’re at 19. Plus the drivers, chefs, miscellaneous...

At minimum Team Brange has to be at least 25 strong. Can you imagine managing all of that for travel? They probably need a person just to organise all the people. And they needed an entire train just to transport all of them to Scotland from England. Here they are, at Euston station in London en route to Glasgow where Brad will continue shooting World War Z. The trip is 5 hours. Apparently Angelina had all the activities planned: colouring, stickers, crafts, etc. This is why so many visits to the toy store the other day. Yes, but does it occupy them for enough time to take a nap? I would need to take a nap. To rest from all the work it would have been just getting them to the train and on the train and settled in the train.

Having said that, it’s kinda cool that they chose train instead of a charter plane. They could have easily secured a private plane, right? It would have been faster. I wonder then if they opted for this method of transportation - by air, by sea, by rail! did you ever learn that in school? - because they thought it would be more fun for the kids. Oh the sacrifices you make as a parent. As I drag my ass to the golf course every day at 2pm.

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