It wasn’t quite as f*cked up as it was in Toronto during TIFF but the scene last night as the Pitts were leaving the palais was pretty intense. Many people were waiting for them to come out: paps, civilians, randoms… and they surged forward as the couple approached the car.

Brad and Angelina were cautious but pretty chill. Brad apparently had a locked grip on her arm, and was heard snapping a quick “woah!” at one dude, but for the most part, they kept moving forward calmly, letting security manage the sh*show around them.

Am told that once she was safely seated in the back, she put her hand to his face and he reached over and slid his hand over her thigh. Like a repeat of last year, only this time it wasn’t… lustful. Their security then flashed lights at the cameras to block the intimate photos before the driver inched away and eventually sped off.

As for where they went in the car… would you believe the Pitts hit up Nikki Beach? The Kung Fu Panda after party was held there and surprisingly enough, the Euro cheese was kept to a minimum. Relatively speaking. Everyone was shocked that Brad and Angelina actually showed up, especially considering the crowd. But working for Dreamworks brings with it a different set of expectations.

Still… the Pitts were totally game. They mingled all night, inseparable and holding hands all night, and their security was relatively non-aggressive. No one could get close so trying wasn’t even a consideration and kind of lame if you think about it but they were so relaxed and in their element and friendly with everyone that it probably wouldn’t have been a disaster to approach. Many people did.

They served Chinese food and she ate some noodles. Then there was an ultimate showbiz moment as she and Brad were asked to pose with George Lucas. Everyone kinda stood around in awe.

Before long she was tired. She was holding her back and shortly after that, Brad started summoning his people.

Afterwards everyone kept talking about how kind and sweet she was. A certain journalist who I see often who’s a crusty old bastard left that party completely in love with her, believing her when she told him that the story he told her about his experience in India was inspiring.

Now they’re expected to lay low for a few days until The Changeling next week, hosting a dinner party or two at their villa with Clint Eastwood when he arrives.

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