They went from Africa to Missouri – click here for a refresher - for the holiday, and are now back in LA. Check out the Brange leaving Benihana Japanese last night with some of their kids. Not that this is germane in any way but… I don’t order Bento Boxes. The best rolls never come with Bento Boxes. And WHY would you go to a sushi restaurant to eat the chicken they invariably shove into one of the compartments with some bean sprouts and noodles? That’s just dumb.

Anyway, as I noted last week, the Brange gave us the gift of Peace for Christmas. They sent out a card from Namibia and from the Midwest to assure the universe that, for now, all is right in their world. As an extra exclamation point to that, they also made a $2 million donation to the Naankuse Wildlife Sanctuary, a home for injured and/or abandoned wildlife. The Brange saves everything.

What’s next?

Miss Zahara’s birthday is on Saturday. The Golden Globes are the week after. Pitt Porn is always a good way to kick off a New Year. Especially Pitt Porn at the table. They’ve been known to do a lot of drunk caressing while seated. It makes up for the bullsh-t she calls clothing.

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