OK Brangelunatics... I think even you lot can agree that the Jolie, she doesn’t look like she eats much. I hope she made an exception last night.

Some people don’t love food. This to me is like saying you hate life.

Few people have the privilege of going to Guy Savoy Paris as the man personal presides over your meal. He was there last night when the Brange showed up. He would have been meticulous about the preparation. He would have thrown his best at these two. He may even have created an entirely new thing on the spot, Brange-inspired. At the end of it all, he ended up walking them out the door. Quite the photo op there for you, Savoy.

But all his efforts...

Would it have been wasted on them? On her?

Because if it were me? If it were me and my friend Lorella?

We went to Vegas this summer, we hit up the Robuchon restaurant and when we ordered our meal, the server seemed uncomfortable. So Lo and I were like – what’s the problem? He thought it would be too much food...


Impossible. We tried not to laugh. Because it’s never enough food.

So if last night had been me and Lorella? Please. Monsieur Savoy would have been put to WORK. I really, really hope the Brange made him work. I mean it seems such a waste. To live this celebrity life and have to deprive yourself of one of the best perks.

Photos from KCSPresse/Splashnewsonline.com