But the woman really can’t seem to pick a good dress, can she?

There were some people who actually doubted that she would come. That Brad Pitt would present Moneyball, for the first time EVER, without the Jolie by his side. Please. They don’t know Brange. And where Brange is concerned, it’s always in the details.

When they arrived at Roy Thomson Hall on Friday at TIFF, he alighted first and, just as he did in Cannes, made sure that he was the one to open to the door. Only Brad Pitt gets to escort Angelina Jolie out of the car. Only he gets to hold her hand. So that when you see her emerge, it is by his side. The team.

As already noted, Moneyball has been very, very well received. Many of my colleagues have gone so far as to say they “loved” it. For me it needs to be 20 minutes shorter. But there’s no denying it is an excellent film and that he delivers, on the heels of his career-best performance in Tree of Life, a second outstanding acting option for award season. Could Brad Pitt be a double nominee??? If Moneyball can win at the box office, it’s almost a certainty he’ll be included among the Best Actors.

Which, of course, is why she had to be there.

And she wanted to be there.

I’ll come back to this in a minute.

But first, about how he is on a carpet - I wish these words could come with video, video of Dylan imitating Brad Pitt working a press line. It’s hilarious. He doesn’t actually talk to anyone, at least not in any meaningful way. It’s more like a verbal handshake - always moving, always nodding, a chin up or down here and there, every 6 or 7 steps he’ll point his finger, stretch out his hand, “yeah, yeah, great great, what’s up, how you doin’, thanks, yeah, thanks, alright good, really excited, feeling good”, and if you’re lucky, he might give you two sentences back to back. But it’s not often, on a long press line situation, that you get more than that, if even that. It is an art. Not even George Clooney, who wants to be, is as good as Brad Pitt is in these situations.

So what did they do after?

There was a private dinner. Super private. Like 30 people or so. By far the most exclusive event of the entire festival. At the Vitamin Water rooftop. Brange was the first to arrive. And the first thing they did was sit alone, across from each other at a table, and talk. The way any couple would do when it’s been a long day and they finally have a moment to themselves. Normal, right? This, amazingly, was the adjective used to describe them from every source who observed them that evening. That they behave like “a normal couple”. What???

I guess in our minds, it’s either full drama all the time, or they should be pressed up against a wall somewhere, having sex. Instead, they sat down and had a proper conversation for several minutes, taking some private time before other guests arrived. Remember those bullsh-t reports about the Jolie hating Brad Pitt smoking and was beating his ass for doing it or whatever? He was smoking. In front of her. She didn’t seem to mind. It wasn’t a thing.

Other attendees included Moneyball cast members Jonah Hill, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Chris Pratt, and his wife Anna Faris with whom Angelina spent several minutes talking. Angelina and Anna Faris. Can you picture it?

During dinner:
-Brad and Angelina held hands
-they special-ordered White Russians and she explained that they don’t give her hangovers
-she rested her head on his shoulders
-they kissed occasionally
-they do not party for FOUR AND A HALF HOURS like George Clooney and prevent people from not going to bed

The Brange and Clooney were at the same hotel. Some people are trying to say that they hooked up for drinks later on that night. I can’t confirm or deny. Having seen how hard George can crank it, I’m not sure I buy this. Their night life style is totally different. They don’t seem like they stay up too late. This is one area where George, nowadays anyway, has much more longevity.

Photos from Wenn.com