Well this doesn’t happen often…

They papped the Brange yesterday running some errands. They went shopping at a place called Soap Plant. Quick, let’s google!

Here’s what came up for me:

Soap Plant / Wacko: The Premiere Pop Culture Emporium of Los Angeles (with) the best selection of books in Los Angeles, art and design, deviant literature, lowbrow art, music, car culture and uh, sex!! Plus a dizzying array of vinyl art toys, wind-ups and collectibles.

Click here
for the Soap Plant site. Not really Jennifer Aniston’s aesthetic, is it? Some are speculating that since it’s the Chosen One Shiloh’s 5th birthday tomorrow that these are party preparations for the big celebration. The Rubber Frog Handbag they have on the front page of the site looks hilarious. I kinda want one.

Whatever the reason for their little trip, it seems as though the Brange is staying visible. Or their servants took a day off. On a totally, totally, TOTALLY unrelated note – you do know that Kung Fu Panda 2 opens today, right? And The Tree of Life in limited release tomorrow?

Photos from Famepictures.com