Nothing’s hotter than Pitt Porn but Brad with his kids comes a quivering close second. The Pitts hit the beach with The Edge on Sunday with Maddox, Miss Zahara, and Pax who was all over daddy to the delight of the photographers taking these postcard perfect images.

He’s incredibly sexy when he’s with his children, non? And chosen by the sexiest woman alive who chose him to be their father. Amazing.

Hanging out with The Edge must be amazing too. Like a stamp of cool approval, right? You think The Edge would hang out with Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes?


Or even Jennifer Aniston? How long can you talk to someone about their favourite brand of suntan lotion before you want to kill yourself?

The Edge has to be earned. And vice versa, the Pitts too.

PS. Wouldn’t be Chinese not to be point this out…but is that a green trilby? It’s a Chinese thing but green hats are akin to cuckolding. If I’m Brad, I’m tossing the green trilby. Just saying…

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