London, Paris, then Berlin -- check out Brange on the carpet yesterday, the Jolie's birthday, promoting World War Z. And she is bringing it on this tour. It's as much style effort as we've seen from Angelina in a while. So if the film manages to actually break even (they're saying $400 million is breaking even), she'll have had a lot to do with it. 

Later on, Brange and the kids went out to celebrate the Jolie's birthday. Perfect opportunity for some group shots. They've not been group papped in a long time. Does the studio get that for free?

There have been some questions about the size of Jolie’s reconstructed breasts, and whether or not she increased. From people I know who had the same surgery post breast cancer, new breasts sit up high, making them look bigger than they are. It takes a while for them to “settle” and once that happens, they fall lower.