It was Brad Pitt’s birthday yesterday. He’s 48 now. How did he celebrate? Well on Saturday he and the Jolie took all 6 of their kids to the Cirque du Soleil Michael Jackson show in Vegas. As you can see, for her dad’s birthday, Miss Zahara got extensions. That sounds about right. This is why we all want to reincarnate as one of the Brange kids. It’s HIS birthday and they get to go to Vegas??!!!???

Here comes the sanctimonious mom judging me for not knowing the value of time spent with the children …but I know many a mom who would not put a weekend in Vegas WITH the kids at the top of her list of birthday wishes. Then again, the civilian parent doesn’t have the Brange’s every luxuries.

It just…looks like a lot of herding.

They do look very well behaved though, always. Would you agree with that Photo Assumption of their child behaviour?