See, if they came out at this age, like around 4 years old, and weren’t so f-ckin’ needy with the wanting and the screaming, I’d be more inclined to think about thinking about whether or not to have kids. But goddamn the first few years are a pain in the ass.

This is why the Brange they always leave the Holy Twins on their own while they take out the other four. The other four, now older, are way more fun. And they’re developing the cutest personalities.

Check them out – Maddox, Pax, Miss Zahara, and The Chosen One Shiloh out with their grandparents today in Venice. Maddox has always been a bad ass. Still with the fauxhawk and, like any typical big brother, picking on his little brother. I like the action shot of Maddox launching himself off of Pax. I like the way Pax is holding on to grandpa’s hand.

And then there’s the Shiloh steeze. Come on. Admit it. She’s owning that jacket and those stripes. She’s also copying her biggest brother, punking around like she’s looking for a trampoline. I bet you she worships them. Unlike my girl Miss Zahara who wants nothing to do with all that sporty business, hell no.

Miss Z is, obviously, very refined. Miss Z even bitchfaces her own siblings. Check her out, turning away from them, having had enough of their shenanigans, and then strutting that path like it’s her own personal runway with her large ass lady purse. She’s THE BEST.

Photos from Pacific Coast News