Killing several birds with one Pitt Porn – once again the Brange is owning the game and once again, they’re using the Pitt Porn to sell the message. I buy! I buy!

As you know, Brad and Angelina and the babies are all in New Orleans. Brad’s Make it Right initiative to revitalise the Ninth Ward has reached its fundraising target and the Brange brought Maddox and Pax along on a site visit yesterday, chatting with locals with their arms wrapped around each other, giving photographers nearby some money shots that have now sold the world over, thereby announcing the solid state of their relationship AND promoting Brad’s philanthropic efforts in New Orleans.

Brilliant, non?

It’s tabloid Wednesday, all the new covers come out today. No doubt the bottom feeding rags will be cooking up a new batch of bullsh8t. How fortuitous then that the paps were able to snap these shots and release them just in time to fight the lies.

Good timing indeed …and no one does it better.

Check out Angelina doting on her boys and her boys adoring her back. Word from those who’ve met them in New Orleans is that theyseem like “just a regular family” (snort) and that mom’s actually the soft one. That it’s Brad who’s the disciplinarian and was overheard shutting down some mischief between his boys with a stern “Eh! Cut it out!” the other day when they were getting out of the car.

So much Pitt Porn in one week – it’s a Brangelunatic wet dream!

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