Brad Pitt took his two older boys to Dave & Busters in Times Square last night. These places, they’re popping up everywhere. We drove by two going to my parents’ in Toronto. I feel like if I ever went inside, given how much you know I love children, that I wouldn’t come out alive.

Here’s Brad with a pouty Maddox and a skull-toqued Pax, joined by Brad’s brother and his son, on a Man Night in the city. He still won’t shave that scraggly sh-t off his face.

The family Brange of course are in town while Angelina works on Salt reshoots. Some photos of her on set yesterday are also attached. That face. That face is sometimes impossible, non? It’s timeless.

So will 2010 kick off with a Brange/Aniston showdown? Jen has been confirmed as a Golden Globes presenter. Inglourious Basterds is up for several nominations. Some say the Brange will attend in support of Tarantino. Remember their last confrontation at the Oscars in February? When Jen had to enlist the help of John Mayer to sit with her in the 2nd row?

Part of the charm of the GGs is the seating arrangement. Tables of 10, none of them eat, and they hit the bottle hard. Also, with Ricky Gervais presiding, oh you know he’ll f-ck around. He’ll mount that elephant in the room and ride it for our smutty pleasure.

Please Brange. Please RSVP yes.

Photos from Jackson Lee/