There it is – a slamdunk confirmation that the Second Coming will join The Chosen One, Maddox, Zahara, and Pax as the latest member of the Pitt Family.

Angelina and Brad did no interviews at the Spirit Awards today, posing instead for photos before heading inside. Our eTalk cameras were there and reporters are estimating she’s at least in her 2nd trimester.

As you can see, Angelina’s gorgessity has returned – she looked better tonight, and less tired too, than she has in a while. Like… breathtaking. Everyone on the media line was buzzing about her beauty and of course their arrival caused the biggest stir. He was rather tender with her too… at one point, making sure her heels didn’t catch on the carpet, protectively steering her around publicists, and at one point asking her if she wanted her jacket when she seemed cold. It’s not warm here in LA but she coyly shook her head. And it’s a good thing too. Why cover up the money shot?

Of course the Night Before Oscar party is happening tonight at the Beverly Hills Hotel – needless to say, the whole town right now is wondering how The Showdown will turn out. Jennifer Aniston and the Pitts in the same room on the same day Angie chose to completely throw it open on her bump… Coincidence or conspiracy???

The question is: will someone blink tonight and bail or will they put an end to the drama and publicly declare peace?

Can’t f&cking wait!

Inside the Spirit Awards, I’m told the two treated other guests to some Pitt Porn and that Angelina was extremely happy for Ellen Page when she beat her for Best Actress – beaming up at the stage and clapping vigorously.

There are no accidents when it comes to these two. This reveal was planned, it was perfectly executed, right before the Oscars which they will NOT be attending. And what do you think everyone is talking about right now?

I just came back from rehearsals at the Kodak Theatre. We were ALL on our blackberries checking out the photos. And it’s all the press could talk about – even Ryan Seacrest during his show run-through.

Who pulls an upstage better than the Pitts? I will always, always buy what they’re selling.

PS. Brad needs to chill on the Lilo tanner, or foundation non?

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