Angelina Jolie was in Italy the other day working with the UNHCR. She’s now back in Malta with Brad Pitt and the children although they left them at home last night to go out for dinner. Looks like it was a little fancy one. Brad, from what I can see, dressed up in a white suit. It’s too bad we don’t have a better shot of it. As you know, I am so into how he looks right now I would have liked to see that up front.

Us Weekly reports that the two were super lovey during their date at de Mondion restaurant at the Xara Palace Hotel. They sat outside, it was a killer view, ordered “crab salad, poached rockfish, risotto with seafood and fine cheese”, and each had 5 glasses of wine. Um, is that a standard glass? Because that’s a bottle per person if it’s a standard glass. They were there for 3 hours.

So I’m sitting with Fiona right now, and I’m asking her about this kind of wine consumption, and she’s asking me about how many ounces was in the glasses, because that’s just the kind of nerdy detail she needs, and I’m all like, holy sh-t that’s a lot of wine, and she says...

Well...not really.

And, well, I love my friend Fiona but even she would admit, she’s kinda square. Translation: I’m a f-cking lightweight. And the Brange only got tipsy. Please. If that was me, his white suit would have red blotches all over it.

Anyway, of course they all had to point out that Brad and Jennifer Aniston also ate at this place when he was shooting Troy in Malta many years ago. Which reminds me of when they were in Cannes for Troy, remember? And she was in that white dress? And they looked SO happy? Remember? Ok let’s play Gossip Nostalgia. It’s not like we don’t like looking at old photos.

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