Rumour has it the Pitts are inviting their French neighbours over to the chateau for a backyard bbq in order to ingratiate themselves with the community.

Supposedly they were advised by the town mayor – invite the local folks over, charm them with your children and your hospitality, and perhaps they will do as you request and leave you alone. It’s tradition apparently for new families to open up their doors to villagers for a reception. According to the mayor, once the regulars see that The Brange is a regular couple too, they’ll not sell them out and compromise their privacy.

Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis have been successful in this regard – the Pitts are hoping for the same.


Not likely.

Not with the Chosen One and the Holy Twins presiding.

They open the doors and it’ll be like opening up a new church. Finally the Brangelunatics have a Mecca.

Source Daily Express