Angelina Jolie is a multi-tasker. While the tabs say she’s busy wrecking Johnny Depp’s family and using drugs and plotting against Jennifer Aniston and emasculating Brad, she’s also spending time with her boys, photographed today in Venice with Pitt and their bodyguard headed for an art exhibit. So the Brange kids are getting a little culture to balance out all those trips to the Doolittle and Busters, or whatever that play place is called that I’m too lazy to google.

Photos of Brad Pitt walking are my favourite. This is not a Clive Owen knock-kneed gait. You’ll also note – Angelina had a fringe put in for this role in The Tourist. It softens her. Dressed down in her winter coat, she’s almost a suburban mom at the bake sale. The mom that all the rest of the moms keep meangirling because she’s so pretty. Love using meangirl as a verb.

Photos from Laurent Despois /