The Family Pitt went on a family bike ride the other day in New Orleans with the kids, giving the the paps and the Brangelunatics a rare glimpse of the Chosen One strapped with mom as Miss Zahara, Maddox, and Pax load up with dad. 

Photographers of course were delighted by the gift – according to Shiloh Jolie-Pitt is the Most Influential Child in the world as photos of her fetch in the hundreds of thousands…which means a lucky pap is getting a very hefty Christmas bonus.

This is why she’s the Chosen One, see? 

Much to Tom’s dismay, his Little Sci came in second. And given the timing of this latest Pitt outing, you can bet your Xenu Juice a very competitive series of Cruise Family photos, frolicking in the Colorado snow will be released some time within the next week with Little Sci and her little bob front and centre. 

Meanwhile, the pulchritudinous Pitts have indicated they’ll be spending the holidays in New Orleans, lending their support to local rejuvenation efforts and highlighting the city once again as a vacation hot spot. After some down time, it’s campaigning in full force. Angelina is in the thick of the Best Actress race. Every extra vote counts. 

But look at her beauty without a trace of makeup. And his perfect wearing of pants. And the scarf casually looped around his neck. Love a man with style. And love a baby with style. 

Check out Miss Z’s ducky necklace. She’s the cutest, non? 

Photos from Page Six and Splash