Well this should make the white supremacists happy. A Brange outing today with the Chosen One and the Holy Twins and, far as I can see, no sign of the “foreign” ones. They’re not as popular with the magazines anyway. Do the paps exhale exasperatedly when the kids come out when it’s only Maddox, Pax, and Miss Zahara?

The photo agency says that Brad is holding Vivienne and Angelina is with Knox Leon. Could have been the other way around, I can’t tell them apart, not only because they’re identical but also because all babies look the same to me. Kinda like Michael Phelps and Asians.

No doubt, the fact that Angie’s carrying KL and not Vivs will be upsetting to the crazies. ANGIE HATES HER DAUGHTERS EXCEPT FOR THE BLACK ONE!!! Life & Style headline next week? They really busted it this time around with their coverage of Shiloh’s so called gender trippy haircut.

Photos from Pacific Coast News