Can you imagine the f-ckin’ production whenever they go out? I observe my friends with children. How long it takes to get everyone ready, to pack them all up, to make sure no one has to pee, and then you throw security and extra transportation and alleged pap avoidance into the mix and this is the life of the Brange.

Still in New York while Angelina Jolie reshoots Salt, she and Brad Pitt were out with the first four kids yesterday for a performance of Mary Poppins.

Check out the Chosen One all badass in her Burton toque. And Miss Zahara wants bedtime, is sucking her thumb. Cute, non? Or do we need to be judgy?

Angie is a bad mother because her daughter still sucks her thumb?

I don’t know how these things work, when it’s time to judge a bitch for the teething and the strollers and the diapers. Will leave that to you.

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