It’s been a week since the Brange killed the latest round of rumours about their split. And therefore a week since we’ve heard from Ian Halperin or the tabloids proclaiming Brad Pitt’s reunion with Jennifer Aniston. It’ll likely be another week until they conjure up another story. Because this week the Brange is in Italy en masse, and they were photographed today in Venice with four of their six children enjoying the sights. These pictures are cute. But there’s not enough Miss Zahara. Probably because the paps always focus on The Chosen One. She sells more.

What was the first giveaway that all those reports of the Brange imploding were bullsh-t? They were actually suggesting that Brad only wanted custody of his biological children, a not so subtle but sick as f-ck implication that the adopted ones aren’t worth so much, tapping into that MiniVan notion that Angelina trapped him with her multicultural accented second class babies.

Anyway, as you can see, the Brange wants you to see that they are intact. And enjoying a holiday. And there’s ice cream involved. Because ice cream is SO MUCH BETTER in Europe.

Photos from Fame