Well this will keep the crazies happy over the weekend.

After a quick trip to New York to promote Megamind, Brad Pitt returned to Hungary and the Jolie where they were seen together with their children at the park, doing some harness playing. By the way, Megamind opens today. You knew that, right?

What? You’re distracted? By the Chosen One Shiloh trying to keep up with her brothers and whatever daredevil activities they might be up to? This is why she styles herself the way she does. It’s because they’re her heroes. And it’s adorable. And not, f-ck, because her mother is trying to turn her into a lesbian, like nerdyapplebottom wants to make her son gay, because she dressed him as a girl for Halloween. Click here if you missed that from today’s open. Why are people so ignorant?

Also, I love how Miss Zahara doesn’t seem to want any part of it.

And I love even more the glimpse we’re getting of some Brange affection. No, it’s not full on porn. That would, of course, be inappropriate, in some MiniVan circles I suppose, at a playground with minors. But the attempted notion that these two are on the verge, always on the verge, is at least right now, and always has been, way way way off base.

Photos from Ditoj/Splashnewsonline.com and INF