There’s a trade union strike happening in Italy today that has necessitated a delay on production of The Tourist. With the day off, the Brange decided to take their youngest out for some sightseeing. As you can see, the twins can walk now. I am surprised they’re not floating.

KL has a badass leather jacket and a badass pout to go along with it. What a Mac Daddy. Vivs as you can see looks exactly like her older sister the Chosen One aka the bull dyke, at least according to Star Magazine, Life & Style, and the MiniVan Majority.

Speaking of baby bull dykes and girls in pink and pigtails, Duana, Laura, and Michelle took me to the most terrifying place in the world the other day at the Grove. Have you been to American Girl? There are books in there – good. But there is also a hair salon for your doll.

We tried to “build” ourselves. I’m still not entirely convinced that I am:

Medium skin, dark brown hair, brown eyes.

Because I could very well be:

Light skin, brown-black hair, brown eyes.

Unfortunately there is no medium skin, brown-black hair, brown eyes combination. Also, there are few pants in the entire store. I just checked online. The clothing section doesn’t offer much in pants either. Well no wonder they all think Shiloh’s a lesbian.

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