What was it that I wrote last week?

At best this is pocket 5s with 3 overcards on the flop at a full table.

Everyone lost their sh-t last week when News of the World concocted some story about the Brange hammering out a separation agreement and that an announcement would be imminent. For those of you who don’t know poker, pocket 5s is a sh-tty hand, but everyone was willing to go all in based on a report from a rather nefarious source. Not that I think the Brange will last forever, but when they call it, it certainly isn’t going to roll out like this.

And so the inevitable happened this weekend – they made a very public appearance at the Directors Guild Awards on Saturday night, skipping the carpet but Pitt Porning it up in the ballroom with eyewitness accounts coming from everywhere claiming the two, knowing all eyes would be on them, were as tight and as solid as ever.

Crisis averted then. For a week?

This outing of course will spin off new theories that there’s a cover-up. That may be the case but the point is that: they don’t want you think they’re done. And so, for all intents and purposes, they are not done. Many of you have written to ask me about “where there’s smoke, there’s fire” and while I agree with this in principle, if you really want to get down into the background of all of this, the root source of this story is really rather sketchy according to many observers in the UK...

Here’s a reference article to start. The News of the World was working on a major scandal about the captain of the English football team. There was a last minute injunction blocking the publication. Some say they had to scramble for a replacement. And this is when the Brange story ran...

Of course it’s all just speculation. Just like the separation is speculation. But it provides a different angle. Again, the Brange won’t be forever. In that industry, in their world, it’s just so unlikely. Right now however it’s premature. Not yet, not now. And probably not for a while.

Thanks Ms W!

Photos from Frazer Harrison/Alberto E. Rodriguez/Gettyimages.com