Check out photos of Brad and Angelina over the weekend, reportedly staying at Paul Allen’s villa in Saint Jean Cap Ferrat and also popping out for a few hours via helicopter on Saturday with Miss Zahara. Apparently they went to suss out a large property, evidently still looking to purchase a home. France not only has sentimental connection to Angelina’s mother but its paparazzi laws are also much stricter in comparison to other countries. Note that Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis and their kids are rarely ever shot candidly while in France.

The Pitts have been there not even a week and, though the images are grainy, somehow photographers are managing. Remember, the Pitts are always in control. Can you imagine the trajectory Tom Cruise’s career would have taken if he’d only learned a lesson or two from Brad and Angelina?

Because when it comes to Brad and Angelina, even if they’re always selling, I will still always buy what they are selling.

How can anyone resist the Pitts?

There’s a glowing Angelina, beautiful and pregnant. There’s Brad sexy as hell, like many dads, trying to converse patiently with 6 year old Maddox. There’s Miss Zahara as sassy as ever. And there’s the Chosen One Shiloh in her mother’s arms.

Word is the Pitts have already been approached (not surprisingly) about baby photos but “are not playing right now”, supposedly toying with the idea of releasing one single shot on their own terms without a price tag. No decisions made yet but as you would expect, People Magazine is allegedly throwing out some big numbers.

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