The more talk of a conspiracy, the more intrigue and anticipation. When are They coming? The world is waiting. Waiting and watching and growing more anxious and foaming at the mouth and all of it serves as proper justification…

Word is, there was some hesitation over the price tag of those photos. People is willing to pay whatever it takes but that kind of money - $15 million – doesn’t come easily. There are approvals that need to be obtained at the executive level, rationale must be presented and debated. And so it certainly doesn’t hurt – the conspiracy theories floating around serving only to further incite a public that is already chomping at the bit to see these babies.

Some say last week’s turn of events not only validated the cost of the pictures but actually DROVE THEM UP.

Needless to say, the winners in all of this…none other than the Jolie-Pitts. And of course whatever charitable organisation they choose as the recipient for the cash.

If only they’d consider matching funds too. Can you imagine a $15 million match? I’d offer a sacrificial ovary at the foot of the Twin Temple if they’d direct that to Covenant House Vancouver