They’re in Italy and it’s been a daily inundation of photos – boat trips with the kids, mystery identities with the babies, and Jon Voight paying a grandfatherly visit. Two weeks ago the Brange was on the verge of combusting, now the tabloids don’t have a way in, especially not with the presence of the Holy Trinity: The Chosen One and the Divine Twins, all together on display, headed today for Paris en masse. Viv’s wearing a pom pom hat! LOVE pom pom hats!

Travelling with all six of them, and security, is quite the undertaking. Therefore, it must be a special occasion? Or a longer ride abroad. After all, if it was a standard work commitment for a short stay, why go through all the trouble? You parents would know. Logistically, with so many of them, it must a planning nightmare, to a lesser degree even for them, with all their resources and access.

So what is it?

Some of you have spotted a ring on Brad Pitt’s right hand, European engagement styles. In some cultures, this is how you mark it. In Polish culture, the wedding band is actually worn on the right side. With the presence of Voight, the lovely Carol D (half of the fist pumpingly awesome Fantoo, with whom I’ve enjoyed a rewarding online friendship for several years now -when are we talking puck again??!!??) posts that perhaps the Brange are making it official. Getting married?

Only the Brange can go from split to wedding in one short month. In my opinion, probably not. But this kind of smutty speculation about the Brange is likely closer to accurate than News of the World.

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