For Memorial Day weekend. Here they are at a friend’s house enjoying a few cocktails while their boys Maddox and Pax played nearby on the beach. Miss Zahara, the Chosen One, and the Holy Twins were not seen. This no doubt will result in a new round of rumours courtesy of Star/In Touch/Life&Style/News of the World alleging that Mother Jolie abandoned the biological ones, especially Shiloh, on her birthday weekend. Because right now there’s not much else to spin. And a happy Brange is bad for business.

I asked about them when I was in Cannes. With local freelancers and European reporters permanently assigned to the couple in Italy and France. They’re happy. It’s all fine. There’s nothing remotely scandalous to go on. Us Weekly claims in fact that the two were quite affectionate and loving at the party. And the thing is – these people, they would love to find something to go on, some crack in the Brange union. Of course they would. So far however all is well. It was well in Venice. The drama, actually, and surprisingly, came from the Depp/Paradis household. That’s a fiery, passionate relationship.

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