Ok, not really, but “single file” suggests that crowd control is required, for large groups to move in an orderly fashion, like the family Brange. I mean, there’s a total of 8. They need a table of 8. They move in 8. I am exhausted just writing about it, let alone having to live it.

This is the first sighting of them together since the Golden Globes. So here they are, photos that are surely now plastered everywhere, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt with their 6 children in New Orleans, on foot in the neighbourhood, going to pick up toilet paper. Or something. No, for real, according to the paps they walked en masse to the “corner store” to pick up snacks etc.

I want to know what Pax and Maddox are discussing. Pax seems rather animated. Photo Assumption says, like any older brother, Maddox likes tormenting his younger brother. The Pitt-Jolie kids – golly gosh, they’re just like us!

I’m all over Maddox’s River Phoenix in Stand By Me vibe too. I’m also really into Brad’s look right now. Totally feeling it. Yeah, bitch, I can hear you complaining about his greaser hair. On anyone else, I’m right there beside you. On Brad Pitt, it’s totally working for me. Like a Snatch-y thing, right? He was SO hot in Snatch all greased up and crazied out. What is it about him lately? It’s the best he’s looked in years.

But, as is the formula, when he brings it, she usually sh-ts on it.

Blue jeans, right?

The question is blue jeans: does she have them? Can I send her some?

What is this outfit? Who carries her kids around on a fun family Sunday in a pencil skirt from Banana Republic? Here’s how I imagine a Brangelunatic with the explanation:

As you can see, the twins are in their church best. So maybe everyone else changed clothing and Angie just took off her heels?


She has the weirdest f-ckin’ style ever.

One more thing: do her breasts look bigger to you?

Photos from Flynetonline.com and Splashnewsonline.com