I took him off - but was it a hasty decision? Feast your eyes on Madd"s dad back to work for Oceans 13…and who can rock a crisp, five thousand dollar suit better than Brad? Seriously, ya"ll…the genius costume designer for all Oceans movies deserves a special Oscar. Which is why I"m going to pull out the special shots, something I don"t do too often. Not because they aren"t loin quivering molten frickin" hotness but because they are MUCH TO MUCH loin quivering molten frickin" hotness, to the point where it becomes a dangerously addictive visual, just thinking about it makes me lightheaded, my hands are kinda numb, stomach in knots - I"m swooning and almost hysterical and you will be too. So don"t say I didn"t warn you. Be careful and enjoy. Photo source