Ever read Gone With the Wind? Or seen the movie? The most frustrating part for me – I never, ever, ever understood how the precocious Scarlett O’Hara could delude herself into loving the limp and insipid Ashley Wilkes…which I suppose is the whole point but still, it drives me crazy to this day. And maybe that’s why I’ve never found men like “Ashley Wilkes” or Leslie Howard very attractive. Men who stink of noble incest and centuries of marrying sisters and cousins and mothers, with translucent skin and bad teeth, who gesture with tiny wrists, walk on skinny ankles, speak with an overbite, pale under the eyes and red inside them – now I know this is simply a rare aberration attributed to fatigue and an excessive amount of travel to go along with 3 children and a full time job, but last night? When I looked at Brad Pitt? I’m sorry to say but my first thought was Ashley Wilkes. At the Palm Springs Film Festival Saturday, fresh off filming with Cate Blanchett in the Caribbean, attending in support of Babel – I have never seen him look this… Bland? Weak? Inbred? Obviously not the norm, obviously an anomaly but still… A week of rest will do him well. Word is the Family’s in LA until after the Globes. Hopefully by then a reinvigorated Brad. Source