Have arrived in Toronto, hooked up with my eTalk colleagues tonight for the Canadian Filmmaker’s Party at the swanky Spoke Club – am thrilled to be part of the CTV team with the most extensive festival coverage in the city, including exclusive access to Chanel events and official broadcast sponsorship of the One x One (Matt Damon’s headlining gala) party at Carlu and of course the Premiere Lounge…where Christian Bale will be making an appearance on Saturday, along with Wyclef Jean who, as we all know, is tight with someone who had Brad Pitt’s baby. Might she make an appearance? Oh – and did I mention I’ve been assigned to the party beat? It all starts on Thursday on eTalk in Canada, and if you’re not Canadian, or if a half hour show doesn’t fill the void, check out TIFF coverage 24/7 on broadband at ctv.cawhere you can see all the red carpet interviews and party footage from celebrity central. Hopefully Borat will invite me up on his donkey. Thursday night, y’all - I have something special planned! PS. Remember, the site is moving to a conventional blog for the duration of the festival only so check back several times during the day, every day, for photos and new updates in reverse chronological order, meaning the most recent posts will appear at the top.