Brad Pitt is a classic but the Freebie 5 is about fantasy. And if I’m no longer fantasizing about Angie’s whipping boy – how can he stay on the list? Besides, as I said before, he’s lookin’ a lot rough around the edges these days - nothing a little tasteful, subtle Botox couldn’t take care of but something tells me he doesn’t do that anymore. And hey – it’s great that he appears to be eschewing the superficial, I definitely approve. The consequence of this new depth, however, is that he’s no longer worthy of inclusion. Which means there’s an opening. Say hello to Zizou. Every year, I go completely mad for an imaginary lover. Last time it was Joaquin Phoenix, before that it was Ryan Gosling – both whom have since been removed. This time, I’m confident I’ve found a lifer. Because for the last 3 weeks it’s been Zinedine Zidane all day, all the time, and watching his s0-called apology interview on French television last week while sick in bed didn’t help the obsession. Zidane is loin quivering explosive perfection. He is elegance on the pitch, fierce personality off the pitch, hot sweaty sex all the time – and, obvious, but you know he speaks French…right? As for what he did – no, no, I don’t condone it but I do condone how he handled it post-match. Sometimes it’s how a man deals with adversity that really rocks me the right way. I’m telling you gossips - YouTube the interview, observe his quiet class, accessorized by his skin and those eyes, and the way he looks in street clothes…and you will so totally get it. I promise. Zizou for the Freebie 5. Zizou toujours. Zizou & Becks? And how ‘bout that for a tagteam???