Tonight, Monday night, the world premiere of The Good Shepherd starring Matt Damon with Angelina Jolie, which is why the Pitts are in NYC, anticipation swirling around Angelina’s red carpet arrival… Will she be alone? Likely. Trumping Damon and DeNiro at their own picture probably wouldn’t be a wise move and it’s not exactly the occasion for such a huge splash. These two are the best at strategy, remember? Besides, photos of the Chosen Family walking around en masse are enough to reignite the media frenzy in advance of the Golden Globe nomination announcements Thursday morning and Brad has been heavily touted to score for Babel, if not on merit than on television ratings. As for the Chosen One herself and why they keep her hidden, I’m told it’s really just a question of easy mobility on certain outings. A stroller, a car seat, only two sets of arms for 3 kids, not to mention wanting to avoid when possible any photos of a nanny or a bodyguard holding one of the children – what would be the point of that? Better to let the mystery grow anew, saving the Chosen One’s genetic gorgessity (apparently an exception to my Celebrity Baby Theory for an occasion when she can make the most impact. As for an African wedding with Oprah presiding? That ridiculous report in one of the London rags? Total bollocks. If they had avoided mentioning Oprah, the story may have been halfway plausible. As it were, the inclusion failed on 3 fronts: Oprah would never alienate Madonna, Jennifer Aniston, and therefore the MiniVan Majority in one fell swoop…at least not without securing international tv broadcast rights for the ceremony and a 2 hour chitchat with the kids, along with full access to Angie’s womb the next time it gets populated. Clearly not happening. PS. That photo of Brad with Zahara? Quiveration. Even more quiveration? Angelina Jolie. there anyone more beautiful than Angelina Jolie? Source and Source and Source