Some stories are better left alone… though I suppose if it has to be, The Time Traveler’s Wife is off to a good start.

Casting is finally complete. Rachel McAdams had long been primed for Clare and Eric Bana is now confirmed to play Henry, the Time Traveler who leaves behind his wife. Film rights to the book were acquired a few years ago by Brad Pitt’s Plan B. At the time he was still married to Jennifer Aniston and word is she was desperate for the role…

Needless to say, for those of us who love the book…. praise Xenu that never happened.

As for the eventual selection of Bana as the tortured Henry - I was always hoping for Ewan McGregor. Or Edward Norton. Henry to me always seemed less…robust. Wiry, narrow, spare. Still, Eric Bana is a fine actor. And now that the two leads are in place, shooting is set to begin in August. Will be interesting to see how they treat the screenplay. I could do without the final scene – was a bit over the top, non?

PS. Why is Eric Bana not on the Freebie Five? I call it the Head to Mouth Ratio. If you"ve ever watched Conan O"Brien, he does this thing where he puts someone"s face up on the screen and cuts a little hole into their mouth so someone else can stick their lips in and start talking. This is what Eric Bana"s mouth looks like. Freaks me out.