Seriously …look at this woman. Barely a trace of makeup, no special lighting, no special digitized Oprah cameras giving the illusion of perfection – Just Angelina, gorgessity in its purest from. Next to this, Gisele Bundchen doesn’t even stand a chance, never mind Jennifer Aniston. A weekend apart for the Pitts: Brad returned to LA for the Babel premiere, Angelina stayed back in India to annoy Madonna with a new humanitarian photo opp. As you know, the Pitts have been hard at work – stumping for the poor, building houses for the poor, selling movies, making movies, annoying locals, raising their children… a busy fall for the Chosen Family and come Holiday Season, a luxurious vacay would likely do the Pitts good. Have heard exclusively from multiple sources that inquiries have been made for a trip the Tropics. Three resort destinations in particular: St John USVI, St Kitts, and Costa Rica. They need an entire floor – two in one case – room for bodyguards and nannies (rumoured to be 3), private access to all facilities, with a special request to seal certain sections off from other patrons, and a fleet of vehicles at their disposal. The problem right now is that, naturally, at that time of year, hotels are often booked to capacity and in order to accommodate the Pitt requests, many guests may have to be directed elsewhere. Each resort is doing its best to manage all expectations, looking into offering existing clients even sweeter deals as alternatives so that they might be able to entice the Pitts and the Publicity Train that inevitably follows but so far, nothing has been confirmed. Will keep you posted.