Am all about Angelina Jolie. But being a girl’s girl, one of the knocks on Angelina Jolie, in sharp contrast of course to Jennifer Aniston, is that she doesn’t seem to have many girlfriends. If any.

Having said that, Angelina Jolie is ostensibly not that kind of girl. She wouldn’t want to come to my house on a Friday night to watch Bridget Jones and put on nail polish and throw back several bottles of shiraz. She doesn’t spend hours on the beach bronzing her skin and giggling with Courteney Cox.

Which is why Angelina Jolie is understandably intimidating. Especially for the MiniVan Majority.

But as it turns out, Angelina Jolie does have girlfriends. Gwen Stefani for starters – playdates last summer – and Mariane Pearl, widow of Daniel Pearl, who Angelina is portraying in A Mighty Heart, produced by Brad Pitt.

Needless to say, Mariane is not a frivolous woman. She probably wouldn’t hang out in Malibu with Courteney Cox either. But she would invite Angie and her kids over for a play date. And they made pasta, and their kids are friends, and Zahara is “madly in love” with Adam – Mariane’s son. A formidable woman friends with another formidable woman? Photos and article in the upcoming issue of Glamour.

Read more excerpts from the interview with both women here, the magazine is due out May 8th, timed perfectly of course for the premiere of A Mighty Heart at Cannes the following week.