When she’s not insulting Americans and complaining about their uninspired dinner conversations and of course backpedaling from her comments and hawking everything from cologne to wine, my Gwyneth is living like a proper socialite in London, caring for her children by day, gossiping on the phone with Stella and Madge by night, and fitting in a visit to the gym every now and again – working hard to melt off the Moses weight so that she can give yet another gloating interview about getting thin and looking fabulous naturally. Any opportunity to lord over the minions, see? Here she is yesterday, long slim legs recovered, long blonde locks tucked into a gorgeous coat, enjoying the last days of leisure in 2006 before she heads back to work next year, first in Dirty Tricks (produced by Brad Pitt, her 2nd collaboration with his company) and apparently looking again for new projects – I’m told she’s instructed her agent to put her back into circulation….because a “True Artist” can only remain idle for so long, didn’t you know? Source