My best advice is to take an hour out of your day and head to the supermarket. Every possible theory and every possible angle has been forecasted and covered by every celebrity weekly out there, with almost all of them conceding that Angelina is pregnant and almost all of them disagreeing about the wedding. Us Weekly says it's off. News of the World says it's happening. Someone else is saying it happened already. And still others say it will go ahead tomorrow. Or the next day. Or perhaps on the weekend. Or maybe around Chinese New Year…which, if you must know, is on January 29th. For what it's worth, here's what I'm being told: She is indeed pregnant. And this is what precipitated the adoption. You'll recall she was hesitant right up until November about moving ahead with anything concrete in the face of his increased pressuring. Some time around the Pakistan visit, they suspected she was with Pitt. On the flight to Tokyo immediately afterwards they agreed to file the paperwork to protect the interests of both Maddox and Zahara, giving them equal status alongside any biological offspring. Wedding plans, however, are not an immediate priority.

My sources are reporting that these two do not feel they need a marriage to validate their commitment. This is not to say that a wedding won't happen this year, only that the urgency with which it's being written about in the rags is highly exaggerated. Believe what you will, but that’s just what I’m hearing. Parenting, meanwhile, is at the top of their To Do List.

As for when the official baby announcement will drop - rumour has it they might actually go the way of the Paltrow, which is to make no announcement, even in the face of a 6 month bump come March. A couple of reasons for this. First - All of a sudden, they're super private people now…haven’t you heard??? Also, word is her pregnancy is being characterised as “problematic”. Not quite touch and go but not smooth sailing either. I'm sure I don't need to spell it out for you. Think about her history and put the pieces together yourself. Needless to say, the Pitts don’t want to take any chances. Yet.