As I mentioned earlier, due to the breaking Pam/Kid situation, this report will not be featured in eTalk tonight.


Divorce trumps onset drama.

And I suppose Sienna’s dramatics are getting a little old.

More Sienna theatrics – exclusive! – from Factory Girl reshoots in Toronto on Saturday.

You will note the release date for the film is just a month away with Harvey Weinstein reportedly touting Sienna as his new Oscar girl.

For his sake, I hope this squeezes in on time.

Multiple sources tell me exclusively that Hayden Christensen was flown in from Rome for 7 hours to shoot a love scene, quick sets constructed to resemble what is suggested to be Bob Dylan’s cabin…I say suggested because Dylan refused to give the movie his blessing and as such, Hayden’s character, while based on Dylan, goes by a different name.

Word is, Hayden was a professional, he arrived without much fanfare, alone initially but joined by a redhead later on.

I’m told Sienna – so Lilo – was late and flanked by an entourage. My spies tell me she looked like hell, bloodshot eyes so bad they supposedly had to drip her with Visine the entire time. And she complained of illness which resulted in a run for a thermometer which further delayed proceedings but not before giving many the impression that they were beneath her, allegedly rude and ungrateful beyond merit.

Given the awkwardness of the situation and their fling 9 months ago, it’s understandable she was acting all “Oh I’m ignoring you but not really ignoring you”, while Hayden was all business about coming to work TO WORK, getting into character, he was very polite to the crew, thanking several people for pulling together the set so quickly, and appreciative of their weekend efforts.

He wasn’t however immune to how irritating she was – smoking, speaking loudly, described to be making a spectacle of herself, and when his girl showed up, Sienna of course tried to play all sweet and affected and kind, with a “Hello Dah-ling” to which she was greeted with a polite wave. The redhead then walked directly over to Hayden who was prepping for the scene and who was observed rolling his eyes at his guest in response to Sienna’s overt show of sisterhood.

And then came the diva. They started to roll and all of a sudden, Sienna is overheard saying – F-ck That!

Needless to say, it wasn’t part of the script. Tension mounts, apparently Hayden was pissed that she was wasting his time, not getting on with it, and is overheard to have demanded something to the effect of: “What do you want me to do? Can we just get this over with? Can we cut the drama? Please and thank you?”

To which sources say she retorted, “Typical” before stalking away for a ciggie.

Which then resulted in the intervention. The director and the redhead allegedly pulled them in for a powwow, and set insiders say it was the redhead who was most impressive, graciously brokering a peace between the two, instrumental in relieving the tension, enabling both to get back to work, and the results were unanimously fantastic.

By all accounts, Hayden and Sienna have terrific chemistry, the scene is total hotness, one of the strongest in the movie, making the reshoots worthwhile. Everyone was much more relaxed by the end, and sources report that Sienna even apologised before leaving, although it would have been a bit more sincere if she wasn’t seen turning her eyeballs to the back of her head immediately afterwards and supposedly giggling about it to one of her people later on. Sigh. Poor, misunderstood Sienna. Sienna who insulted Pittsburgh and pulled the “Don’t you know who I am?” card at a local club the weekend she endeavoured to be make amends, who wants so badly to be taken seriously an actor, who desperately craves a spotlight away from Jude and his Nanny…rumour has it, Sienna has now managed to alienate many people in Toronto, describing her as “ungrateful and spoiled”. But how much you want to bet she’ll STILL get a nomination???